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Insurance FAQ's

If you have or are thinking about purchasing a Foremost Insurance Policy

A. There are several payment options available with a Brick and Equity Insurance policy.

  • 1 annual payment (best option saves you the most money, time and hassle)
  • 2 bi-annual payments (we do not recommend)
  • 4 quarterly payments (great for rehab projects)
  • 10 payments (we do not recommend)
  • 12 payments (must be on auto EFT with bank account)

More information on these payment options can be found on the second page of your Brick and Equity Insurance policy quote.

Yes, the Brick and Equity Insurance service fee ranges from $2 to $6 and differs based on the payment plan you are on. Note that there is no service fee charge when you opt to pay your Foremost Insurance policy in full so we recommend setting up an annual 1 payment option whenever possible. More information on Foremost Insurance service fees and can be found on the second page of your Foremost Insurance quote. 

The easiest way to make a payment to to go to Once there, you will be able to set up your Foremost Pay Online account and easily manage your bill payments as well as setup paperless billing.

If you have a Brick and Equity Insurance question that was not covered in this FAQ you wil need to contact the Brick and Equity Insurance Billing Department at 216-532-RENT